To:              Jim Tolbert
From:            Read Brodhead, Zoning Administrator
Date:            February 23, 2007
Re:            Zoning Determination of Individually Protected Properties (parcels 56-40.4, 56-109, 56-40.4A, and 56-42.3)


 On September 14, 1993 parcel 56-40.4 was approved by City Council as an Individually Protected Property (IPP) under the Board of Architectural Review. In 2001 this parcel was subdivided into four (4) smaller parcels 56-40.4, 56-109, 56-40.4A, and 56-42.3. The existing parcel 56-40.4 as well as the three (3) new parcels were simply new smaller divisions of the original Parent Parcel, 56-40.4. However,  the technical mistake that occurred after this subdivision was to add the legal name of these three (3) new parcels were not added to the existing list of IPP’s.

 After this subdivision was made, The City Assessor’s office officially added it to their tax maps in 2001, well before the adoption of the September 15, 2003 Zoning Ordinance.  As the City was in the process of transitioning from paper to digital tax maps during this period, some of the earlier digital map books showed the original parcel unsubdivided.  This may have added to some subsequent confusion over the historic nature of these 4 parcels in question.

 When the Zoning Ordinance was adopted on September 15, 2003, it reaffirmed that parcel 56-40.4, and in this case only that one parcel legally named 56-40.4, was recognized as an Individually Protected Property. Parcels 56-109, 56-40.4A and 56-42.3 were not on the list of historic properties prior to the adoption of the Zoning Ordinance on 9/15/03. As a result the only parcel 56-40.4 and all structures contained within this parcel are historic and thus subject to review by the BAR.