This is a plat of land lying between the C&O RRoad and the Southern Margin of the old Rivanna Turnpike Road, or Woolen Mills road and is a part of the land bought a few years ago by B.H. Brennan from Tho. L. Farish and divided into lots as seen on the plat. The lots begin on the extreme west end of the land, And are marked 1,2 to the western margin of the 1st road entering the Brennan farm from the Woolen Mills road at which point, or from which point a road a road 30 feet wide is reserved as now located and running back to the C&O R Road. The lots east of said roads begin on the eastern margin of same And are numbered down the Woolen Mills Road, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5&6 until we reach the Western margin of the 2nd entrance road to Brennan farm when a like width of 30 feet is reserved for a road as now located, & running back to C&0 R Road,
The other Lots begin on the eastern margin of 2nd road And and are numbered down Woolen Mills road to station 5, a small cedar blazed and marked--John T E Simms, Surveyor, June 1885
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