1606 Woolen Mills Road, home of Bettie and Cel Harlow. The bricklayer for this house was Bettie’s brother John Baltimore.
Three doors west on Woolen Mills Road (1516), Lucy Hudson, wife of Woolen Mills shipping foreman, James Hudson, was also undergoing treatment for the flu.

And some doctors had different ideas how to treat flu, and the doctor that Mrs. Hudson had believed in the cold room, and he would open the windows and open the doors and there would be no heat there whatever.
I think that contributed to her death.--RB

Roy lost his father in the flu-time but he gained a family. Roy lived with his father’s sister Bettie and Uncle Cel. His father’s brother John was nextdoor. His father’s sister Martha Bibb lived at 1615 WMRd, his father’s sister Emma Amiss lived at 1709 WMRd. His grandfather George Baltimore and his father’s youngest brother Harry all lived in the village. One big family. Pictured above, Roy stands between his cousins, Louise and Thomas.
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