East from J.E.Hudson was the home of R.N.Gianniny. “Mr.Nick” was made foreman of the weaving department in 1919. Mr. Nick was a Woolen Mills insider. He was born in December 1869.
The Gianniny family has deep ties to the neighborhood. Mr. Nick’s father, John Wesley Gianniny, worked for the Marchants in the 1800’s (he died in 1884 from an injury sustained at the Mill). In 2006, Mr. Nick’s brother’s great-grandson Michael lives in the neighborhood.
In 1920 there were eight people with the surname Gianniny (Giannini) on the Woolen Mills payroll. Mr. Nick was a teacher at the Union Chapel Sunday school and a respected community leader.
The residents of 1600 Woolen Mills Road were Mr. Nick’s wife, Georgia, daughters Evelyn and Annie, and his niece, Bertha Chisholm. Bertha, thirty years old, was a weaver at the mill.
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