The Holloway family. Standing from left to right, Sam Holloway, Robert Holloway, C.B. Holloway, Mamie Holloway holding Lola Holloway, Mary Holloway, Floyd Holloway, and Ira Holloway. Seated are Ira Holloway Sr. and Elizabeth Holloway. Willy Holloway is between his grandparents. c.1910

Below left, Lola Holloway and cousin Elizabeth Perkins, years later, dressed up, "headed to town for a banana split." In the front yard of 1601.

Below right C.B. and Mamie Holloway in the side yard of 1515 Woolen Mills Road

It’s noteworthy that the location of houses in the Woolen Mills village was not dictated by the residents’ rank or station in the mill. Supervisors lived next-door to speckers and dyers. Also atypical, the supervisors lived at a distance from the workplace. In most mill villages, the supervisors’ houses were located closest to the mill.
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