East of the mill house is 1609 Woolen Mills Road, where Mrs. Ethel E. Scruggs lived with her boys Lucian (15) and Wesley (18). When Ethel’s boys were young she stayed at home with them and took in a boarder, Emily Dancaster, a mill employee who worked in the finishing department. In 1914 Ethel began working at the mill as a weaver.
This house is located on the western end of lot 14 shown on the 1887 plat by J.T.E. Simms. The house fronts on Woolen Mills Road opposite the entrance to the footpath that runs under the railroad track.

Roy Baltimore recalls:
Culvert Road (Franklin Street) was a cow path, you couldn’t drive a car through there to save your life, you could hardly get a cow through there. I used to have to go after the cows and it was rough walking getting a cow through that area, rough, stones all in the road.
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