1618 Woolen Mills Road was the home of spinning foreman Thomas H. Ryalls. His location next door to Warren Graves mirrored the supervisors’ relationship in the mill.
Carding completed, supervision of production passed from Graves to Thomas H. Ryalls. Ryalls ran the fourth-floor spinning room. At this stage, five Furbush “mules” converted the ropelike roving into a thinner yam. The machine then wound the yam onto bobbins. Three men handled the machines: Lee Scruggs, Dillard Brown, and Grover Maddex. -Andy Myers

Ryalls lived in the house with his wife, Minnie, his daughter, Essie, and his son Charles, a clerk at the railroad office. Thirty years later Charlie and Marie Ryalls lived here with daughters Peggy and Cindy.
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