Taking by Typo
media coverage of the zoning by accident in the Woolen Mills village, shrinkage of the Timberlake-Branham IPP

June 2, 2008, Council and Staff discuss rezoning Timberlake Branham Farm

*NDS Maps*

Chronology, Zoning History

The Hook 3/22/07- Zoning Snafu

BZA transcript, 4/19/07
Charlottesville-Tomorrow podcast of BZA hearing
Zoning Administrator's recitation of the hearing's particulars
Letters received by NDS prior to hearing

Daily Progress-- news article 4/23/07

Daily Progress- unsigned editorial 4/24/07

WINA Charlottesville Right Now, Coy Barefoot and Brian Wheeler discuss the taking by typo appeal. 4/24/07

The Hook 4/26/07- taking by typo

Daily Progress--news article 5/18/07 by Seth Rosen

WINA Charlottesville Right Now:
Coy Barefoot disusses Timberlake-Branham past and present history with Victoria Dunham and Bill Emory

The Hook 5/31/07- Twilight Zoning
The Hook 6/12/07-Zoned Out: City Council Talks

Charlottesville City Council 6/4/07 discussion-audio transcript

Cville News 6/13/07 The Woolen Mills' Taking by Typo

Daily Progress-- news article 6/23/07 by Seth Rosen

Brief filed with Circuit Court 12/3/07

c-ville newsweekly 1/22/08--article by Jayson Whitehead
Daily Progress-
news article 4/14/08 by Seth Rosen

Environmental Justice
Daily Progress- sewage stench 1/29/08
Charlottesville Tomorrow- audio of RWSA
Charlottesville Tomorrow-RWSA Board votes for odor control, 3/24/08

Woolen Mills Dam
Daily Progress--
8/14/07 article by Seth Rosen

The Hook--08/23/07 article by Lisa Provence

P.A.P.A-- "Sustainable Design" versus Sustaining a Culture: No Excuses

Historic Designation
Woolen Mills Village listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register- Daily Progress 12/30/09

Woolen Mills receives Charlottesville Planning Commission Award

Land Use
Charlottesville Planning Commission 3/24/09

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