Andrew H. Myers

Assistant Professor, American Studies                         

University of South Carolina Upstate                          


Work Address:                                                                       

University of South Carolina Upstate                                      

800 University Way                                                    

Spartanburg, SC 29303




United States historian.  Innovative researcher and writer.  Effective lecturer and discussion leader who uses computer technology and hands-on teaching methods to enrich the classroom environment.  Capable organizer and administrator who contributes to committees and faculty governance.  Member of the community who shares historical expertise with government organizations and local schools.



1998-present    Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina Upstate

Spring 1998     Southern Studies Instructor, University of South Carolina Columbia

1997-1998       Military Science Instructor, Benedict College

1994                Instructor, University of Virginia

1993-1994       Teaching Assistant (for Edward Ayers), University of Virginia

Teaching Associate (for Julian Bond), University of Virginia



Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1998

M.A., University of Virginia, 1993

A.B., cum laude, Honors in History, Davidson College, 1986



       Black, White, and Olive Drab: Racial Integration at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and the Civil Rights Movement.  Charlottesville:  University of Virginia Press, forthcoming in 2006.

       Entry for Sherman's March, The South Carolina Encyclopedia.  Columbia:  University of South Carolina Press, forthcoming in 2006.

       Entry for Freddie Stowers, The South Carolina Encyclopedia.  Columbia:  University of South Carolina Press, forthcoming in 2006.

       Entry for Fort Jackson, The South Carolina Encyclopedia.  Columbia:  University of South Carolina Press, forthcoming in 2006.

       "The Blinding of Isaac Woodard," Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association, 2004.

       "Teaching History in the Backyard," The History Teacher, Volume 35, Number 4, August 2002.

       Review of Chester L. Quarles, Terrorism: Avoidance and Survival, in Journal of Political Science, Volume 30, 2002.

       "108th Division (Institutional Training) Annual Historical Report Commanders Summary," in Edward P. Shanahan, ed., USARC Annual Command History Series:  Annual Command History Supplement, Major Subordinate Commands and Installation Commanders Summaries, 1995.  Atlanta:  Office of the Command Historian, U.S. Army Reserve Command, 1997.

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       Black, White, and Olive Drab: Integration at Fort Jackson and Its Effect on the Civil Rights Movement in Columbia, The Citadel Conference on the South, Charleston, SC, March 2003.

       The Blinding of Isaac Woodard, South Carolina Historical Association, Columbia, SC, March 2003.

       "Resonant Ripples in a Global Pond: The Blinding of Isaac Woodard," Internet presentation, American Studies Association, Houston, TX, November 2002.

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       "Black, White, and Olive Drab: Military-Social Relations During the Civil Rights Movement at Fort Jackson and in Columbia, South Carolina," Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, Charleston, SC 1996.



       Teaching and Productive Scholarship Grant, USC Upstate, 2006

       Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society for Nontraditional Students, 2005

       Finalist, Bank of America Excellence in Teaching and Advising Award, 2003

       Teaching and Productive Scholarship Grants, USC Upstate, 2002

       Finalist, Bank of America Excellence in Teaching and Advising Award, 2002

       Ernest Boyer Award for the Scholarship of Teaching, 2001

       Research Fellow, Institute for Southern Studies, USC Columbia, 1995-1998

       Mary E. Rawlings Prize in History, Albemarle County Historical Society, 1993

       Dupont Fellowship, University of Virginia, 1992


Academic Service:

       Board Member, South Carolina Historical Association

       Board Member, South Carolina Academic Learning Environment (SCALE) Project, Spartanburg County School District 5

       Historical Officer, 108th Army Reserve Division.  Duties include writing annual history reports and preserving significant records for an organization spread over four states and Puerto Rico.  Duties have also included coordinating for a state highway historical marker, making presentations, and responding to inquiries

       Recorder for the General Faculty and Senate, 2000-2001

       Member, University Assessment Committee, 2003-present

       Member, University General Education Committee, 2005-present


Military Service:

       Holds a commission as an infantry major with twenty years of total service in the Regular Army and Reserve.  Was mobilized during the spring of 2006 for duty in Iraq.