It’s a strange thing how your memory can go back and pick up little isolated items, because prior to moving here from Richmond, I can remember well the layout of the apartment we had over on Church Hill. The kitchen was back here, there was a combination dining room bedroom ahead of that and another small room ahead of that. And I can remember my mother telling me “Get your toys up because your daddy is going to be here pretty soon.” Words to that effect, and I couldn’t have been more than four years old at that time. That’s remarkable that memory is in your mind.--RB

Roy and his parents moved in with Cel and Bettie Harlow in the west end of Woolen Mills village (1606 WMRd) shortly before his father’s death...

I had the flu as I was coming here, and when I got here I had it. And I remember as clear as a bell what the treatment for flu was by this particular Doctor, it was a dose of castor oil, every morning, I used to dread it, that went on for several days, I don’t know for how long.--RB

The known world: The residential Woolen Mills village is circumscribed in green above. Until its annexation by the City of Charlottesville in 1963 the village lay in Albemarle County.