Across the street from Cel and Bettie Harlow at 1607, there is a mill house.
Unearthing the stories associated with properties owned by the Charlottesville Woolen Mills is challenging. The Mill kept a list of rental income but documentation tying those renters to specific structures is elusive.With time we hope to unravel these mysteries.
The information regarding this house in 1920 comes from two sources, the 1920 U.S. Census and Louise Holloway Baltimore.

My dad’s Uncle, Uncle Joe, (born 1850, married to Emma Forloines) lived over there. You had to work in the mill to have a house. Well, he didn’t work there. But, he had two or three maybe four daughters that through the years worked in the Mill. Gradually they left, married and quit the mill. The last one was Eva. She married somebody by the name of Gus Frey (?) who was a superintendent of the Mill.
She married him. So they no longer could rent the house. The Haggards were the next people in there-
Louise Baltimore
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