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In 1957, five years in advance of the 12/31/62 annexation of 2514 acres of Albemarle County, the City of Charlottesville hired Harland Bartholomew and Associates (HBA), an urban planning firm. HBA and the Charlottesville Planning Commission (CPC) were the architects of the City’s zoning ordinance, adopted February 17, 1958.

Harland Bartholomew (the founder of HBA) was the first “full time planner” employed by a City in the United States, he served as the city planning commissioner of St.Louis.

January 6, 1958
Charlottesville City Council meeting, councilors A.C.Coleman, R.M.Davis, Thomas J. Michie, Louie L.Scribner and Sol. B. Weinberg were present,

Mr. David J Wood addressed the council, presenting “the Workable Program for Urban Renewal” as prepared by Harland Bartholomew and Associates.

At the same meeting, Council amended City code, adopting a new chapter entitled:

“Regulations governing the subdivision of land within the corporate limits and within three miles of the City of Charlottesville”

Monday, February 17, 1958
Council approved the undertaking of surveys and plans for Urban Renewal: